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Increase Amazon Sales, Improve Amazon SEO
over 1 year ago

Hi, everybody. Today we're talking about amazon and specifically how to increase your sales on amazon. 


Increase Amazon Sales, Improve Amazon SEO


Why would you want to do this?

Well that the higher your sales rank in the more sales that you make the higher you're going to rank on amazon. So that will be when somebody does a specific search query for something inside of your category. That's going to allow your results to be higher at the top the products that you're specifically putting on amazon. So if you get more sales you're going to rank higher. Now there are other things that go into that too like reviews and things like that but for this article, we're going to specifically talk about how to increase sales.
So you can run Amazon ads,  the more ads you run the more you're going to sell the higher your rank.You can distribute a coupon a really low price coupon. Really drive up your skills and that can help you so that you have a little bit of a higher ranking for the holiday season so you have this spike in sales.  You go from making you know tend to you know 1,000 sales and then you kind of stay at that mark as-is your sales rank has increased.  You can put the check out with amazon button on your website. So if you put the check out with amazon button on your website maybe you drop your price a little bit. That's going to allow you to boost your sales as well. keep at mind prices super-competitive on amazon.  And I'm going to talk more about that in a moment and they're kind of our Advanced section on some advanced things you can do. But the lower your price the better chance you're going to have to sell. And if you have the check out with amazon button on your website. That's going to make it easier for people to transact and that's going to allow that specific product to have a better sales rank on amazon. Also
other things you can do you can get your amazon product ranked inside Google. So if your amazon products ranked really high in google. Then you're going to sell more than product when people come in and do searches through google. They click on if they come to amazon they purchase it, and then that's going to allow you to sell more. So you can drive links and make sure you have really good on-page optimization and a lot of reviews on amazon. So that you can have your product ranking higher inside Google. Other things you can run a lightning deal. You can advertise your amazon product newsletter. Do a dual blast to your full list and get a whole bunch of people to buy get a big spike in sales. So that you can rank higher in a very important time of year when-when maybe there's some seasonality in your product. You can share your amazon product on social media and drive sales that way, of course, you can do social media ads as well. You can run ads to the page on your website,  run pay-per-click ads and then have the checkout by amazon option there. So that you can drive more sales to your Amazon listing increase your Amazon listing. You can also work on increasing your conversion rate. So conversion rates a big deal.  You know if you have a one-percent you jump into a 10-percent that's going to be significantly more sales. So things you can do us have really high-quality images. Making sure you have multiple products in one listing and multiple sizes and colors. You want to make sure you have good titles descriptions bullet points that speak specifically to what the customer is looking for in that product. You can look at negative reviews from some of your competitors, see what they're really upset about making sure you take that and you address that inside of your copy for your own product. You know videos are great reviews are great having a low price and then of course bundling. So in some cases, if you have multiple products together, you can increase your conversion rates that way too. So these are some of the kind of more basic thing let's get into some of the advanced things that you can do to increase sales on amazon. So a competitive reprice er, what that means is basically something that's going to be consistent re-pricing your products. So that they're very very competitive. Going to drop it down a little bit push it up a little. A bit of course keeping in mind your margins in the settings that you put there. But making sure that you're always as competitive as possible.So that you can beat out your competition and more people are going to want to purchase your product. Just based on the price alone.

Seller logic, app eagle and repress or express these are three really good competitive repricing. Now the next thing is you can restock by profit. So if you know you have a system a system like taking metrics for example. They're going to look at your most profitable products. And then they're going to reward those for you. Because they know that you're selling the most of those and those have the most profit. It's going to help you basically scale down your other ski use. That is not as profitable. So you've got this great inventory management system that plays directly in your profitability. How exciting is that, so using a competitive repricing and then restocking for-profit together you created a really really good system. And if you get the acquisition side down and then these other sides down you're gonna have a really good mix of kind of like sales focused amazon program.  You want to take advantage of out of stock. In amazon, it says you say in this just happened to a client.Say there's it's really competitive markets. It's you and a hundred other people,  but for but these 99 other people they either go out of stock or they get kicked out amazon or something like. That well it's all about supply and demand. So at that point, if you're aware of that and you always need to be keeping an eye on the competition. At that point, you can raise your prices so that you can have better margins. So keep an eye on the competition and make sure that you're paying attention to the rules of supply and demand. And if you have the only supply make sure that you're charging more at that point.

And then finally fulfilled by amazon, so this is huge. If you're using fulfilled by amazon a lot more people want to only buy things that are through prime.  I know myself, I pretty much won't buy anything on amazon unless it is three prime being a prime subscriber. So that's really important, if you can take advantage of fulfillment by amazon it's going to allow you to make a lot more sales increase your conversion rate. All of this stuff makes you rank higher. Very important component. And then just an another word of advice here, so stay away from sellers below wholesale. So if you're not going to be profitable if-if you're in a price war and you're just constantly trying to underbid the other person, that's not going to be a very profitable ski for you. So just always be smart with your business and look at the the the products. That are going to drive the most profit for you drive the most sales and don't get yourself caught in price works it's not going to help you at all at the end of the day. There might be another place for you to you know market that product whether it's on your website or some other form of distributed commerce may even eBay. There can be a better Avenue for that. So try to have a holistic digital strategy and kind of pick and choose your battles.

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