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How to use Amazon PPC advertising effectively
over 1 year ago

Hi, guys today we'll talk about how to effectively use PPC on amazon. BBC one of my favorite things to talk about because it's very quick and simple to settle, unlike order advertising platforms. There's two types of campaigns you can set up the first one is an automatic. Where I'm gonna actually weld go truly your listing and see what key works a thing players will put in you are looking for your product.


And the second is manual which is where you tell amazon the keywords that you want to prepare for when somebody searches it. Even if you do choose manual you actually will see suggested keywords from amazon that you can also choose. As many different ways, you can find keywords that you think would be beneficial to you to use for your listing. The first put yourself in the customer's shoes, what would somebody searches they were looking to find and purchase your product.


Look at your competitor's listings


What keywords are using props to titles or descriptions, possibly even a bullet points? But you think people would search for I want your partner to come up for. One of my favorite methods of finding keywords he's a really awesome to call simple keyword inspector. Basically what this tool allows you to do is to copy the ASIN of your competitors, paste it into this particular tool. And it will tell you every single keyword that ranks for. That means that from day one you can actually writing a full of your competitor for the search terms that they are usually getting organic.


Was also a couple of others I recommend such as AMG tracker or merchant marine. You can also get keywords outside of amazon by using the lights of the google keyword planner in my personal favorite long tail Pro. A beautiful thing about using all these different tools together or maybe only a few of them as you can serve different campaigns for amazon PPC. This way you're able to track which one is converting better for you. When you're reviewing your campaigns on amazon, see which one is working better for you. To see a few different figures such as impressions clicks and ACOs. Impressions how many times that has been shown from somewhere clicks how many times you have been, clicked and AC restaurants your average cost of sale.


Did a podcast all about this subject. We're going to a bit more detail about Amazon PVC and also explain in a bit more detail with the ACOs is. When you are reviewing your campaigns and you're seeing that our countdown or keyword within that campaign is eating up all of your budgets. You actually turned off another way to turn this off and actually just to pause the key order campaign. But pauses essentially turning it off and also when you're setting up a campaign on amazon the default the match type is broad, but you can also use phrase an exact match.

Using the legs of a phrase or an exact much should put your products later front of a more characters audience would be more interested in purchasing the product. You can actually also I was- much keywords and these can be extremely helpful also. So, for example, let's say that you're selling paintbrushes. Well if you were to target the keyword brushes, you don't want to show for people who are looking for maker bushes or Irish brushes or sweeping brushes or anything like that that could show based on the keyword. Know me well I like to do is I like to put everything into a broader motion than anything. That is converting well I'll transfer over to a phrase much then possibly put that into an exact match.

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