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How to make your book a bestseller
over 1 year ago

Hi, guys here is 5 step process on how you can make your book a bestseller. Let's get into the five-step process as a general framework and then we'll start looking into each other five step.


Step: 1

I think really is establishing your market. Really connecting to your readership and we're gonna read my book. What is in a subject area what categories and Amazon relative all under really becoming clear about that. As you develop a new book because you are writing here audience that's really key.


Step: 2

And the second one that's I believe partnership and affiliates. You know it's really developing strong relationships with my books. You know the very best seller was my page book. It was it simply saying that was my story of transformation. And what I did was I actually went out and develop partnerships with people are in personal development arena to have them a dose and support the book. And this is a whole process that was really leading up months the book came out. So that's why I think it's it's crucial to realize that it's the whole process not just happen overnight, that something that you really don't go up as you're working on the book.


Step: 3

The 3rd step is to review. And really getting positive feedback and just unbiased feedback. You want it's nice to be able to rely on your partners and supporters. Gets you know Amazon reviews from people they know now that I'm getting hearings you know honestly biased opinion on your work that's huge, that really boost your bestseller status.


Step: 4

The fourth is media. And it's really taking advantage trying to get on this many radios, as many tvs, is many new all like as you can. Even before it reaches bestseller status because it doesn't go to your platform. It is everything. You know it's really you know putting together a strong press release, and find people in your community of where you doing it starting low and then spending out. Because once you know you're able to establish yourself in your local community then you can take off nationally and globally.


Step: 5

The final fifth is timing. It's all about that launch. You know they launch is crucial and something all these months in advance to do this one week that one day.That you want everyone to warn you to want to know exactly who that market is anyone in particular just go all out and way about timing.

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